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October 12, 2019


How do I become a coach?

Simply click here to fill out an application and I’ll get back to you regarding next steps! If you’ve already filled out the application, you should receive an e-mail in the next 24-48 hours from me!

What does it mean?

As a coach, you’ll get paid to get fit and help others get fit!

What company are you paired with?

I am paired with Beachbody because they are a trustworthy, inspiring, fun company that is invested in the growth of every single customer and coach. I appreciate the integrity of the company and I love that every single product goes through rigorous testing to ensure the best possible ingredients and potency. The value that they provide through Beachbody On Demand is unmatched by any other workout streaming app.

From their website:

“It’s our mission to help you become the person you want to be. Our comprehensive approach combines fitness, nutrition, and support—a proven formula that has helped thousands of people completely transform their lives. People just like you. We believe in progress rather than perfection. We believe that giving 100% effort will take you further than taking shortcuts. That real, lasting change tops the quick-fix. We’ll never tell you it’s easy, but we’ll always remind you that it’s worth it.”

How do I earn money?

You can get paid weekly commissions when your customers buy Beachbody products and On Demand memberships through your website. You’ll also get 25% commissions on any customer purchases and there are many other bonuses you can qualify for as you build your team and customers.
**Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income. This is all dependent on the effort, level of work, and skill produced by each coach.

Are there any other perks?

There are lots of opportunities to earn other perks such as products, apparel, trips, retreats, VIP test groups, and more! We will go over all of that in depth during your training.

Does this have to be my full time job?

No, unless you want it to! When you build your business, you may be able to either supplement or replace your current income. Keep in mind, this takes hard work, consistency and dedication, but I believe you can do it babe!

What are the time requirements?

I ask that coaches give a minimum of one hour per day of dedicated work to build their business. Imagine: instead of scrolling Instagram for an hour while Netflix plays in the background, you could be connecting with new people and working to make money, honey!

What are the monthly requirements?

In order to be ‘proof of the product,’ it is important to use the products you are promoting every day. The easiest way to maintain active coach status is to drink Shakeology (superfoods) or Energize (jiggle juice). However, you can maintain active status with monthly recurring orders from customers as well. We will go over this more in depth during your training.

What do I need to do?

There is no one way to do this job! It’s YOUR journey and it’s up to you to make it your own! Your job is to be healthy, share your journey and help others do the same. Eventually, it’ll become second nature to share your journey and you’ll be obsessed with inspiring healthy change in other people!

What not to do?

We do not force or bribe people to buy Beachbody products. We do not provide clinical health advice.We do not judge people based on their fitness experience, physical ability, or lifestyle.

What if I have no sales experience?

You don’t need sales experience at all! You’ll be provided with all the tools you need to build your business and succeed – but you have to put in the work!

Will I have to keep any inventory?

Nope! When customers purchase products through your website, Beachbody takes care of the rest (billing, shipping, etc.).

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. There is always a 30-day money back guarantee on all products and the coach opportunity, however you can always cancel at any time without additional penalties.

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