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FEAR stands for two things…

April 22, 2021


Fear can either stand for:










What’s scarier? Staying stuck in a life you’re not excited about or actually going after the things that make your heart race? 

Honestly, the more something scares me, the more I know I need to do it. The more it sounds crazy, the more I lean in. Listen to those intuitive hits that whisper “go for it” and choose excitement over fear.

  • I was really good at my day job but just didn’t feel the passion. 
  • I really loved the person I married but we had outgrown each other.
  • I really loved LA but something was pulling me to move to Portland.
  • I was nervous that I didn’t know enough but I jumped into wellness coaching anyway. 

And although it was scary in the moment, it has all turned out for the best and I’m creating my dream life day by day. 

Moral of the story: DO THINGS THAT SCARE YOU! It helps you grow as a person and also offers opportunities to build confidence after you tackle it!


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