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The magic of hands

April 8, 2021


I received this spiritual download weeks ago while in the shower. I was looking at my hands running across my entire body. I had this complete thought cross my mind and the moment I got out of the shower, my fingers typed the message on my phone faster than I could think. I feel compelled to share with you (whoever ‘you’ are…not entirely sure that many people read my blog).

Humans have hands for a divine purpose.

Our hands heal us.

We use our hands to choose what foods to put into our body.

We use our hands to hold loved ones and share energy.

We use our hands on our skin for physical healing and wellness.

We use our hands to guide energy throughout our body for body and soul healing.

We use our hands to write and communicate for mental healing.

While our minds have the power to heal us, humans have a hard time conceptualizing that so we have hands to make it more tangible and allow us to see it to believe it…

Don’t ever forget the power of your own set of hands.


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