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Healthier Snack Alternatives

April 13, 2017


We all have those crazy cravings….potato chips, cookies, ice cream, the list goes on.

Here are my favorite QUICK healthier alternatives when cravings hit:

  • Skinny Pop – slightly sweet flavor
  • Brown rice cake with natural peanut butter & sliced strawberries
  • Probiotic organic chocolate yogurt with chia seeds, berries & granola
  • Sliced cucumbers with smoked salmon & hummus (topped with fresh cracked pepper)
  • Raw almonds or walnuts
  • Vanilla Shakeology blended with frozen mango & strawberry chunks
  • Turkey jerky (my favorite flavor is hickory smoked)
  • Sliced apples with natural almond butter
  • Garbanzo chips with avocado hummus
  • Brown rice cake with hummus, turkey & cucumber slices (topped with fresh cracked pepper)

I recently learned another interesting way to handle cravings. Instead of immediately reaching for that snack, tell yourself that you’ll have that snack in an hour (or a certain amount of time). Usually by the time that hour is up, you’ve either forgotten about the craving or decided you don’t need it.

If you decide none of these healthier alternatives are for you and you want to stick to your potato chips, remember: moderation! Try taking out only ONE serving size of whatever snack you want and putting away the bag/container to ensure you aren’t overeating.



*Look out for a post coming soon featuring healthier alternative recipes for your sweet tooth!*

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