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Hurting but grateful…

February 27, 2022


ya know, living with an autoimmune disease is hard AF…but I’ve learned to manage pretty freaking well over the last few years. but the past few months my symptoms have been worse than they’ve been in years… it’s been mentally tolling and I haven’t been silent about that. you’ve been with me for that ride. also, there is a whole lot going on behind the scenes that you don’t get to see, we all have “stuff.” 

but damn…I am SO GRATEFUL for this life and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I finally feel like I have the right people in my close circle. I feel more grounded than ever in who I am. I have such a deep yearning for spiritual growth and inner work. I am able to share my story vulnerably and freely, and get to HELP people by doing so. my “job” doesn’t even feel like work on most days and I have never felt more centered, aligned, excited for what’s to come.  life is fking beautiful. 

I could go on forever… how freaking rad that we are just souls living out a human experience on this beautiful planet…we get to FEEL on so many levels, connect with other living beings, and our one job is just to PLAY, learn, create, LOVE, dance, and BE. so in those moments when life just seems to be swallowing you, don’t forget what a miracle it is to be alive right now…for your heart to be beating, to be able to read this right now, to be connected with each other here in this online space… you’re beautiful. 💫  & resilient & whole & worthy.

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