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I got to feel almost ‘normal…’

February 24, 2022


It’s been a really tough couple of weeks mentally. I’ve been drained from the build up of dealing with this post-Covid RA flare up. And honestly, while I’m so sick of talking about it, it is my reality right now and I’m here to share the real. ⁣

But this past weekend, I got to feel almost ‘normal.’ While I was in pain frequently, I had many moments where I got to genuinely forget about it…to disassociate from my symptoms. ⁣

And as much as I like to tune into my body on a deep level, sometimes it’s nice to just be so entranced in the moment that you forget you have a life-altering disease. ⁣

My soul needed this weekend.
So much joy. light. expansion. alignment. ⁣

I spent quality time with friends. ⁣
I danced. ⁣
I spent time outside. ⁣
I cooked for friends.⁣
I had a powerful session with @lyricagrace. ⁣
I laughed… a lot. ⁣
I had deep conversations. ⁣
I cried. (yep, me…the one who rarely cries) ⁣
I connected with new friends. ⁣
I felt loved & heard. ⁣
I led a group call for my clients. ⁣
I dressed up. ⁣
I ate yummy vegan food.⁣
I smiled nonstop. ⁣
I released energy that isn’t serving me. ⁣

So many things to be grateful for. All things that make my soul dance & radiate light. My heart is bursting with love and gratitude. And I’m taking this momentum into the upcoming week with me.

I get asked all the time how I stay so positive. ⁣
Start by building awareness of what you’re focusing on. It’s all about finding things throughout your day, week, month that you get to look forward to. And embracing the little moments of joy that happen in between. ⁣

There is plenty of time in your day / life to worry about all the negative shit… the human brain is literally hard-wired to dwell on it (it’s a caveman-days-defense-mechanism).⁣

Instead, focus on holding the moments that make your soul ✨ sing ✨ close to your heart.

Law of Attraction: the more you focus on those things, the more they’ll become apparent. It’ll feel like the ‘good’ things are happening more often because you give less weight/thought to the ‘bad.’ ⁣

Try this affirmation: “I embrace moments of joy and hold them as my truth.”


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