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Intuition & Renewal

March 4, 2021


All the things I worked so hard to maintain for so long….⁣



I’m about to get REAL REAL right now…because, well… ⁣

I’m ready.


September 2020: I quit my job, left my dream city and ended my marriage. ⁣

Yes, it was all as fucking terrifying and sad as it sounds. ⁣

Why did I do it all at the same time? I listened to my intuition and knew it was the right decision. ⁣

But regardless of how strong my intuitive pull was, it was the most difficult thing I’ve ever done & I’m still healing from it. That was a lot of change in a VERY short period of time… ⁣

I was a shell of a person when I first drove away from what I thought was my dream life, with literally my entire life packed in my Chevy Equinox. ⁣

I mourned the life I thought I wanted. I kept asking myself where it all went wrong. ⁣

I cried & screamed for the first 5 hours straight of my trip from LA ➡️ PDX. ⁣

And then something beautiful happened….⁣

I stopped. I could breathe again. ⁣

And I felt renewed. ⁣

It all clicked & I felt the support of the universe and my highest self. ⁣

I had a deep sense that it would all be okay. ⁣

& I haven’t cried since that day.⁣

That was such a transformational time for me.⁣

Because I LET it be. ⁣

It’s easy to push healing aside because it HURTS. ⁣

Healing isn’t linear; it takes more time and effort than any of us like to admit. But amazing growth can unfold as a result of true, pure healing. ⁣

I have never felt more aligned, passionate or confident in my own abilities.

I’ll be continuing to share about my healing journey here but for now, I just want you to remember that you are more resilient than you think. ⁣

It may feel like the end of your world right now but trust the healing process and believe in your own ability to recover as you go. ⁣

It DOES get easier. You will discover a whole new version of yourself and build a new life you never imagined possible. ⁣

PS – If you read this entire post and relate at all, I would love to hear from you.

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