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Doorstep Delivery Produce Box

May 16, 2020


I am so freaking pumped about this produce box The Produce Fairy dropped off this morning! All organic produce delivered right to my door so I don’t have to wait in the crazy farmer’s market line tomorrow morning. And she knows how to pick the produce – it’s all so beautiful + fresh.

They use this cute crate box that they reuse and when they deliver berries, they use mason jars! Super sustainable and eco-friendly.

The BEST part is that it’s all organic fruits and vegetables I’ll actually use! I’ve been hesitant to get the farm produce boxes from other companies because they’ve looked like they’re primarily greens and I just don’t eat greens like that. (I know I probably should but I eat mostly other veggies)

Soooo now that my ebook is launched, I’m so excited to experiment with some new fun dishes for my NEXT cookbook!

Don’t forget to eat the rainbow and experiment to make healthy cooking FUN! It doesn’t have to be scary or daunting! Find ways to make it exciting!


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