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Quarantine Procrastination

April 14, 2020


How many people went into quarantine thinking “I’m gonna get this done…and this done…and this done!” And have none of those things done? SAME. It felt like there was so much time to do allll the things when in reality there’s a big learning curve/adjustment period that none of us really accounted for.

I have to be totally honest…showing up on social media feels like a lot right now. I want to be a model of positivity for you but this is a really weird time we are living in and the truth is, it’s been just as hard for me to adjust as it probably is for you. 

It’s been a month of quarantine now and I’m just now feeling like I’m getting a grasp on my routines and a push of motivation again. But for that first month, I was stuck in an endless loop of “I should be doing this/that,” rather than giving myself permission to chill the F out and take it day by day. And the added stress resulted in more RA flare ups which affected my mentality too…it’s a vicious cycle that I’ve finally started to crack.

Just know you’re not the only one that has felt that way. I’m still working through it too. Everyone is going through a lot right now and it’s okay to still feel thrown off. You’re not alone in this.


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