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April 5, 2021


Nothing is what I need.⁣
Everything is already here for me.⁣
The most important things in life are mutual and free.⁣

I believe that in my final hour, all the discounts and judgements won’t matter…⁣
& I’ll be left with the investment that I made on my life and the people along with me for the ride.⁣

It’s easy to buy things…⁣
It’s easy to say things…⁣
It’s easy to wish for things…⁣
But it’s hard to abide by the hard work I know it takes me to recognize that I am already good inside.⁣

 So for humanity’s sake…⁣
Whatever you do…⁣
Do it a lot.⁣
& never stop.⁣
Believe in yourself no matter what.⁣

& when you’re at the top…⁣
Enjoy the view.⁣
Dear every single person ever…⁣
I think I love you. ⁣

Lyrics from: The View by DA

⁣This song came on and I immediately got chills. I listened to it 5x in a row and wrote the words down because they completely touched my soul. I hope you read these words and allow them to be a light for you too. 

We are only on this planet living this human experience for a short time; here to heal and share high vibrations. Make the most of your time; lead with love in every way and practice gratitude for all that is. Enjoy the beautiful little moments and appreciate the synchronicities. 

I’m sharing with you a couple photos from moments over the last month that I felt completely at peace, with a heart full of gratitude. I have been so blessed to live a life by design, to be surrounded by such supportive and loving people, and to share my journey vulnerably and authentically. I do not take this life for granted, I appreciate every little moment and opportunity.

This is a very different mindset than I had 10 years ago, or even 5 years ago… My life looks very different today than I ever imagined but I am a firm believer that everything we encounter, whether it be a circumstance, relationship, opportunity or desire, happens for a reason.

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