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Rules for living…

February 1, 2022


I get questions all the time about how I keep up my mindset even through the toughest flares (like the one I’ve been dealing with for 4 weeks now post-covid)…⁣

I’ve been doing this so long that I really have to think hard when I get this question, because my mindset and lifestyle are now second nature.⁣

SAVE these photos in your phone for motivation⁣!
(I’ve put 🌟 next to my personal faves)⁣


📌 My rules for living with an autoimmune disease:⁣

• For each thing you’re bummed about, find something to be grateful for.⁣

• Find something to look forward to every single day, no matter how small. & find something in the coming weeks/months to look forward to.⁣

• Remember that you’ve gotten through all of your worst days ever, and you’ll get through this too – stronger and more resilient.⁣

• Talk about and write about how you’re feeling.⁣

• Don’t be afraid to be silly, laugh, and smile, even if no one else understands why.⁣

• Connect to your deeper intention to healing your mind, body and soul.⁣

• Give yourself grace and ask for help when you need it.⁣

• Move your body every single day, even when you don’t have energy or it’s uncomfortable.⁣

• Find a safe person that you can vent to when you need to.⁣

• Find ways to release stagnant energy so your body isn’t holding onto it.⁣

• Don’t take the way you’re feeling out on other people.⁣

• Eat foods your body loves – it improves your brain health too!⁣

• Nourish your mind just like you nourish your body (with intentional music, books, podcasts, art, etc.).⁣

• Trust that your own journey is divinely meant for you, no matter how unfair or difficult it can seem at times.⁣

• Ask for guidance from the universe/spirit guides/G-d/your higher self/whatever it is you believe in.⁣

• Know yourself better than anyone else and stand firm in your identity outside your disease!⁣

• Set boundaries for yourself even when you’re feeling good.⁣

• Be your own best cheerleader & be proud of the progress you make every day.⁣

• Empower your decisions by thinking “I GET to ” rather than “I have to .”⁣

• Write love notes to yourself and plaster them everywhere! You’re a badass & don’t let yourself forget it.

xx – Coach Rach.


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