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I’m off ALL Rx medications!

October 27, 2020


I’ve officially been off prescription medications for over 45 days!

How? It comes down to ONE thing:


I’ve incorporated plant-based healing and movement into my daily routines which have allowed me to wean off ALL prescription medications. 

Do I WANT to wake up and juice celery first thing every morning? Nope

Do I WANT to work out most of the time? Nope

Do I always FEEL like journaling in the morning? Nope

Do I ENJOY taking a shot of apple cider vinegar every evening? Also nope

Do I LOVE spending money on all-natural supplements? Not particularly

But what is the alternative? Pumping my body full of chemicals and still feeling sick and sorry for myself every single day? NO THANKS. (I tried that when I was first diagnosed – and I’m NEVER going back to that)

I do what I do every day because understanding how to HEAL rather than just masking symptoms is important to me. Nourishing my body with PLANTS is important to me. And feeling my BEST is important to me. So I keep on keepin’ on… every. single. day!

“Good for you but I’ve tried…” 

YES – it’s really hard to start and even harder to STAY on routines. But it DOES get easier when you’re committed to keeping those routines in place. Trust the process and pay attention to how those routines make you FEEL. Because feeling GOOD is what’s going to keep you going, even when you don’t feel like it.

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