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The Wellness Method

The secret to healing

April 18, 2021


Let me set something straight…

Healing is actually really hard to define because it looks different for everyone…⁣

It isn’t about healthy smoothies.⁣
It isn’t about celery juice.⁣
It isn’t about home workouts.⁣
It isn’t about meditating.⁣
It isn’t about daily journaling.⁣
It isn’t even about healthy meals. ⁣

Of course, you see me do all of these things daily so you’re probably reading this like “ummm what??” ⁣

It is really all about is the INTENTION. ⁣

Without intention, these actions aren’t nearly as effective. Healing happens within; if you aren’t connecting with the process, all of the ‘things’ you’re doing don’t benefit your mind + body as much. When you truly connect with your daily rituals, you create a higher vibration and therefore heal your body on a deeper cellular level. ⁣

Do you have a positive intention behind your daily practices?


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