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July 8, 2020


It’s surreal to say this but: my cookbook presale stock SOLD OUT in less than TWO DAYS last weekend! I am so blessed I am to have you all. I’m just a girl with a passion for helping people, who had a crazy dream to release a cookbook a year ago.

A little back story: It took me months to create all the recipes, take all the photos, and work with the graphic designer to format and edit the book to my liking. Then I released it via Amazon Kindle in early May. But my goal was to have a HARD COPY in my had some day.

I started the process of getting this paperback released almost FOUR months ago and to say it’s been a headache is an understatement…I wanted to go through Amazon KDP publishing because it seemed like a great deal – they print, package, handle payment, and send the orders to customers and I sit back and get a portion of the sale!

Little did I know, there is NO quality control through Amazon KDP printing. One of their representatives actually told me to *expect* 2-3 customers per 100 orders to have a copy that may have defects….needless to say that DID NOT fly with me. I went through a month and a half of this: ordering a proof, getting excited and anxious for it to come, opening the package to find a defective cookbook, contacting customer service, given a refund, asked to reorder another proof in case it was a fluke….FIVE TIMES. None of their representatives could tell me why these errors were occurring (they confirmed it wasn’t my manuscript or formatting). They apologized every time but refused to do anything except refund me and ask me to order a new one. After FIVE proofs having printing errors, I stopped giving them more chances. My paperback release was already delayed 2 months and I was getting more frustrated with every proof I received. I really felt like with it being delayed so long, I had lost the interest of my clients + potential customers because I have been talking about a paperback release since the ebook was released in early May!

*Enter PRINTING CENTER USA (aka my life saver)* After I decided to take the leap and print/publish these cookbooks on my own, I did a quick Google search for companies to print through. I saw the name Printing Center USA and honestly thought it sounded too simple and reasonably priced to be true. Well, it wasn’t too good to be true (thank goodness)…their customer service is AMAZING, the quality of the cookbooks I received is 100x better than Amazon KDP, and they are easy to contact and get clear answers from.

I was able to order a hard copy proof before I approved my bulk order and was blown away by how fast it came. I had my bulk order of cookbooks at my door within 2 weeks of my first inquiry of printing! Fast forward to TODAY and I just sent out my first round of cookbooks to excited customers! I’m actually grateful for Amazon KDP not working out because now, I know EXACTLY what my customers are getting since I’m the one shipping them out and I get to customize, sign and write personal notes to each customer and that makes me really happy. I hope to bring a smile to every one of your faces. THANK YOU Printing Center USA for making this crazy dream a reality!!!

Thank you all again so much for your support! And if you didn’t get your copy during presale, go grab your copy now! And just because I appreciate your support of my blog, use code BLOG for 10% off your order <3



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