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How to stop making excuses and start committing

April 25, 2020


The first step is identifying the excuses themselves. Identify every excuse and what the excuse is for.

The next step is to identify why you don’t want to do whatever it is you’re avoiding. Is it because it doesn’t give you joy? Is it because it takes a long time? Is it because it’s boring? Is it because you just don’t feel like it? Do a little soul searching on this one, you might be surprised. 

After that, begin to search a little more for why you feel the need to make an excuse and avoid commitment. Are you scared to fail? Are you scared to let someone (or yourself) down? Do you not like how committing makes you feel? Are you scared you’ll make a mistake? Is it something bigger or deeper?

Once you’ve explored your why’s more, you’ll be more equipped to start overcoming those excuses. In order to commit, you have to make a decision to say yes (and that can often times be the hardest part).

Now that you’ve committed, it’s vital to make a plan to ensure your success. Figure out HOW you are going to maintain a commitment to your goals or to the completion of that daunting task. Does that mean that you spend less time watching Netflix and an extra hour a day doing something to contribute to that goal? Does that mean that you commit to healthy eating 6 days of the week and give yourself a ‘cheat day?’ Whatever it means, make a plan. 

Next, figure out how you’re going to stick to that plan. I always suggest the ‘treat yo’self’ method – rewarding yourself along the way. You stuck to your plan all week? Take yourself out for a manicure. Splurge on the more expensive glass of wine at dinner. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something that makes you feel good. 

Once you’ve practiced the steps outlined above, you’ll realize that the excuses come up less frequent. I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that I never make excuses, because believe me I definitely do from time to time, but they are now easier to overcome because I know that excuses usually have a deeper reason.

Once you tackle the deeper meaning and decide to take the leap and commit, it’s all sunshines & rainbows from there (not really, just making sure you’re still reading 😉 

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