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Tips for Cravings

December 14, 2018


10 Tips for Stopping Cravings:

  1. Drink lots of water! Drinking the appropriate amount of water throughout your day will help your body feel ‘full’ and can help your body differentiate between actually being hungry and having a craving for a specific food. Try drinking a glass of water before every meal to decrease risk of binging on those cravings.
  2. Find healthier alternatives that will be just as satisfying. I have a blog post with some ideas for healthier snack alternatives and I plan on doing another one soon so stay tuned!
  3. Don’t keep junk in the house. If you always have processed, sugary food in the house, you’re setting yourself up for disaster! Of course you’ll want to choose those delicious Cheeze-It’s versus a cut up cucumber if it’s right in front of your face and requires no extra work.
  4. Prep healthy snacks in advance. This kind of goes along with #3. Try to prep foods that are easy to grab when you’re hungry. Wash & cut your fruits & veggies so they’re ready for you and it doesn’t require any work to grab the healthier snack instead of that chocolate bar. (Example: cut up raw vegetables like cucumbers, peppers, carrots, broccoli and wash your fruits like apples or berries).
  5. Plan out your meals. Plan out meals for the week on Sunday and stick to it. Choose meals that you’ll look forward to. If you don’t plan meals ahead of time, you run the risk of walking in to your kitchen and finding the quickest thing you can shove in your mouth or snacking on those potato chips while you make yourself a healthy meal.
  6. Make a list and stick to it. Before you go grocery shopping, make a list of all the foods you’ll need for your week’s meals and snacks. When you get to the store, don’t stray off that list. Grocery stores have a way of placing those enticing, unhealthy snacks in places where you’re most likely to grab them as you’re walking by. Stick to your list, don’t buy any extras and your body will thank you later!
  7. Do something else. Trick your mind and start a task completely unrelated to food or cravings. Sometimes cravings present as the result of an emotion that we need to further explore. Go get a workout in, do some meditation, go on a walk…whatever you do – don’t go shopping! Chances are, whatever emotion you’re feeling will lead to buying things you probably don’t need.
  8. Stay happy and positive! There are countless studies that show that stress levels are related to cravings. Practice gratitude, a positive mindset and meditation to decrease stress.
  9. Make a plan. Sometimes, it may feel like it’s truly impossible to fight a craving. In that case, decide on a particular time that you can have that food. (For instance, it’s 1pm and you really want that Kit-Kat bar. Set an intention that if you still want it at 4pm you will have it.) Chances are, when that time rolls around, you won’t still be craving that food. It’s pretty much just a mind f*ck.
  10. If you decide that you absolutely need that thing you’re craving, take out exactly one serving (or less) and put the container away. Make a clear boundary with yourself that you will not reach for more once you have indulged.


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