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April 9, 2021


“I am here to share and dance and heal and just BE.” ✨⁣

This spiritual download came through loud and clear after my energy healing session with Lyric Tucker the other day. ⁣

As I have continued on my autoimmune journey for the last four years, I have transformed into such a different person. Healing my body has evolved into a spiritual journey of reconnecting with a version of me that existed when I was a young child; a version that was stifled for years and years. I now live freely and authentically. I trust in my divine path and connect to my highest self on such a deep level. & I dive deeper every day.

Mindset is the one thing that can truly spark ANY healing process. The human body is an intricate connected masterpiece and we cannot lean fully into just one facet of ‘self’ and expect change. ⁣

Living with an autoimmune disease can take a massive toll on your mental health. It can cause you to believe that you are permanently unwell, that you’ll be alone in this forever, or that you’re unworthy. But you are NOT your disease; you CAN & WILL work past this. ⁣

To heal the body, we must allow the mind to heal too; commit to raising your energetic vibration in order to unleash your inner healing powers. They ARE there, you just have to tune in.


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