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Tuning into intuition

January 19, 2021


We are all just spiritual beings in a human body; our one job is to experience life in this body on this planet...

How freaking magical is that?!

Your intuition knows the way. Intuition can tell us who to surround ourselves with, what to do, where to be, in order to be truly aligned with our highest selves.

But what IS intuition?

I like to describe intuition as your ‘heart’ or gut feeling. Think about those times that you get a feeling that you should do something and then later in the day, you regret not doing that thing…

For example: I had a feeling I should bring a pen with me when I left the house but then thought to myself “why would I need a pen for where I’m going?” and then later on while I was out, I did end up needing that pen.

Some people would call it coincidence but the more it happens and the more mindful you are, the more you’ll realize it’s actually intuitive guidance coming through. Intuition is the voice of your spiritual being, or your soul. It can guide you on the path you’re meant to take in this life; if you just listen and act on the guidance.

Intuition comes through to us in those little ‘pings’ of guidance throughout the day. The more you tune into those seemingly silly pings, the more you’ll start tuning in for the important messages coming through.

Often times, our brains take over before we ever realize our intuition is trying to guide us. Intuition usually comes through as a quiet, gut feeling before our brain jumps in like a megaphone. I started tuning into intuition by listening to every little feeling I got, no matter how silly. In doing so, I learned how to give my intuition more thought than what my brain was telling me. It takes a lot of practice to turn up our intuitive voice and turn down our brain. Truth is, our brain is doing its job – it’s keeping us rational and logical. But life isn’t always logical, is it?

It can feel odd to not listen to logic but beautiful things will happen when you let go a bit. Through regular daily meditation, I have been able to tune into my intuition more than ever; it has never led me astray. It brings me a lot of clarity to know that what is meant to happen WILL happen as long as I keep doing what I know is my truth.

Real life example: When I was visiting in Portland in July, I felt an intuitive push to move here. I love Los Angeles and didn’t think I would ever need but for some reason I kept feeling pulled to move away. I was really scared but had a strong feeling that it was the right decision during a pivotal time in my life…so I moved here two months later.

It turned out to be everything that I didn’t realize I needed. I am living in alignment with my purpose, free to radiate my energy, connecting deeper to nature, enjoying little moments, making more of an impact than ever before, and meeting people that I know are meant to be in my life.

It’s amazing what happens when you are really tuned into your intuition and the energy of this world. We are so conditioned to seek outside validation and love. But finding validation and love within YOU is the key.

It all starts with respecting and trusting your inner self. Listen to your soul…it knows what you need. 

Don’t ever forget the power that is WITHIN you. You are a spiritual being in a human body. Your body simply carries out the actions; your soul is what guides the way. Tune inward and trust.


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