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Why I chose to ‘unmute’ my social media feed

June 3, 2020


I originally muted my social media feeds on Instagram + Facebook because I thought I was doing the right thing by allowing my followers to receive more relevant content during this important civil movement. But I’ve realized that just because I am actively seeking out resources and new ways to educate myself, support and share, that doesn’t mean everyone is. I feel it is my responsibility to provide you with ways you can help, support and become ACTIVE in this movement. Even though we all have a common goal, everyone has a slightly different perspective and access to different resources to share. Today, I realized that muting my feed could actually do more harm than good…. So one day after ‘muting’ my feed, I’m back. 

I REFUSE to stand by and silence myself for the sake of ‘my brand.’ My brand is HELPING PEOPLE. It is what I am most passionate about and I will do anything I can to help people. While I have always supported from afar, I don’t have a good answer as to why this took me so long to truly SHOW UP actively in this movement, but I’m HERE and I’m not going ANYWHERE. I am vowing to continue sharing posts from black leaders/activists, ways to support black-owned businesses, how to be actively anti-racist, how to get involved with changing our government/societal infrastructure and how to lead with LOVE.


it’s not enough to post #blacklivesmatter

it’s not enough to throw up one black square on your feed

it’s not enough to repost videos everyone has seen


it’s time to stand up and to speak out

it’s time to use your voice and influence to make waves

it’s time to change our society once and for all

it’s time to change the direction of US history


it’s up to us to break the system so we can rebuild

it’s up to us to educate the next generation so they will not live in a country based on fear and hate

it’s up to us to pave the way for a world where racism no longer exists

it’s up to us to DO BETTER + BE BETTER


This is not a ‘one and done.’ This is not some trend that will fade away. Our country has been AWAKENED to what is STILL happening around us every single day; innocent people being brutally MURDERED by the very same officials that are supposed to be PROTECTING us. 

I stand with my black brothers + sisters now and forever. But this is not about me. This is about us. All of us together in this ANTI-RACIST movement. Because it’s no longer enough to ‘not be racist.’ We must be actively anti-racist and make sure this fight continues. #onelove


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