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She didn’t know what was to come…

January 13, 2021


She didn’t know what was to come…

She had no idea that she was sick and that her body was crying out for help…

She had no idea that the lifestyle she knew would be taken away…

She had no idea that there were so many more lessons to learn…

She had no idea that her entire world would be flipped upside down…

But she overcame it all. Four years of intermittent self-doubt, confusion, heartbreak, sadness, anxiety and depressive states…all in silence, with a smile on her face. She pushed through with a positive attitude because there was no other option.

I remember her. I am proud of her. I am grateful for her. 

Through this journey, I have found joy, self-confidence, passion, excitement, motivation, purpose, light and love. 

Because SHE overcame so much, I know I have the power to carry on, even through the hardest days.

Because SHE found hope out of despair, I share that light with you.

Because SHE turned pain into purpose, I can help you do the same. 

Because SHE persisted, I am here speaking my truth & living my dharma every single day.

She deserves recognition because I wouldn’t be where I am today without the work she put in. I am happier, healthier and more aligned than ever before and it’s all because of HER.

Do you acknowledge this part of YOU?


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